Basiques Electricité

Basiques Electricité

Qu’est ce que l’électricité ?

Exemples de composants

is the flow of electrical energy through some conductive material.

is a measure of the magnitude of the flow of electrons in a circuit. It is measured in Amperes. Using water flow as an analogy, current would be how much water (or electricity) is flowing past a certain point. The higher the amperage, the more water (or electricity) is flowing.

is a measure of the electrical energy of a circuit. It is measured in Volts. In the water analogy, voltage would be the water pressure.

is a measure of a material’s ability to oppose the flow of electricity. It is measured in Ohms. A sponge in the pipe would act as a resistor, limiting the current (and the voltage) flowing through the pipe.

Exercice :

Faire une petite video (entre 30 et 45 sec) qui explique: « l’electricité », soyez simple, factuels et bien sur, créatifs! (inspiration: && )