29/03/2018 etudiant 0

Experimentations avec un synthetiseur realisé selon le schéma ce dessous. Apres avoir realisé le synthetiseur nous avons remplacé les potentiomètres par des pliages en papier […]


30/11/2017 etudiant 0

void setup(){size(640, 360);noSmooth();background(120,170,200);fill(300);}void draw(){if(mousePressed){stroke(200);}else{stroke(3);}ellipse(mouseX-1, mouseY, mouseX+2, mouseY);ellipse(mouseX, mouseY-1, mouseX, mouseY+2); fill(126);}

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23/11/2017 etudiant 0

For our second keyboard hacking project we had to use the map. So we recover the electronic card found in a computer keyboard, we determined […]

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Parabol fold

02/11/2017 etudiant 0

Its a keyboard hacking parabola. The parabola here lets you interact with the game mario in an entirely different manner. Go ahead go back to […]