Chronicles of Success and Failure : BonQ

How to hack keyboard

1. Open the keyboard and take out the circuit board
2. Make the mark marks (black strips) to make the surface of the metal APPEAR
3. Create connection between  different  marks to find letters / keys
4. Weld the combination found























Use a different remote control to play a game

The idea is to use the visual language of the game and translate it into a 3D form. The game is a set of blocks arranged as fast as ever.

We thought about how we can reinterpret this, and we thought about Origami and the Accordion Fold.
The questions we asked ourselves are – How do we complement the game with the remote? How do we make the experience of playing the game easy and natural? and, How can we use something very simple and not-so-simple?

The remote is a 10-faced accordion fold with 4 up-folds and 5 down-folds. The first and last up-folds correspond to the actions of up and down respectively.

We wanted to make the actions very intuitive so when you see our remote – you will be able to know what side is what.

The right and left controls are on the right side of the center folds. The player is at liberty to choose a combination of two middle.

We use paper to conduct electricity, each piece is connected to the keyboard with a wire, so that when we fold the paper is initiated in the game.

6/26 R ’n’

9/18 L ‘\’

10/21 U ‘1’

x/25 D ‘/‘