Kombucha + Arduino + Processing



Stemming from the will of capturing the micro-performativity of kombucha, we have developped a circuit interface to create a generative model from data analysis of the kombucha culture.



The circuit measures the level and conductivity of a liquid through connecting two coated nail captors to processing via Arduino, and converting the data collected in binary information. We have linked the capteurs with the arduino through processing with the Firmata library.

The fluctuation of the binary information values can serve, in a second stage, as a floating parameter for image generation in Processing.




Thie aim of this  experiment is to develop a working installation to be observed in a timespan of a couple of hours in which the generated fluctuations will determine image interferences.


In the first experiment the initial values obtained kept fluctuating and escalating as the circuit remained in observation.


Values Obtained
Water; 36
Kombucha liquid: 80
Kombucha liquid + souche: 139


The next stages of this experiments are:

1 – Establishing the code-base for image generation in processing

2- Creating the final form for the circuit installation and interface screen