To be learned from the session on electronics to play, we have a project to create a structure that could be used in a different way.


At first, various ideas have been made in the basis of form for the structure. After finalising the basic structure, the components were made using a flat horizontal piece of wood and two lengths of aluminium wire that were bent according to the shape of a semi-circle. This article was originally published for the first time in this article.

The second piece of metal that would be swinging in the gap between the two wires made by having a thicker metal element pierced a piece of strong aluminium wire. Once this was completed the sides were cut to size.

The circuit was assembled earlier with the use of a 555 timer and various other components.

The whole structure is brought together by attaching the two lengths of aluminium wires to the circuit. At this point the metal structure in the middle is so loose that it can swing across the parallel wires to produce various changes in the sound of the resistance between them. This resistance can be increased with the use of scotch tape and conductive ink on it.