wearable circuit


Chen Aloni, Karina Barraza

Intentions / Contexte

We would like to work together as a team and to develop a new dress that will be wearable and attractive, we want to create a combination of materials and technology. The dress will include origami technique, movement and light.

Principe de Fonctionnement

We will make a dress that has some parts with optical fiber so it looks like a normal dress put when you turn off the light it shines, the dress is going to have short sleeves made of origami that can be unfold so it turns into long sleeves. We are also going to make a hat made of origami that grows so it can be used us an umbrella.

Besoins / Compétences

The necessary skills are:
– Management of the technique of paper folding (origami).
– Management of modeling and sewing (for the dress).
– Know how work and use fiberglass.

Illustration / Schéma